The Rock’n’Flow trail runs between the upper and the lower station of the cabin car. It is set on a dynamic terrain and it really represents the name it's given. Start on the rocky top part that will offer a challenge to even the most experienced biker, and enjoy the flow at the bottom part of this epic trail.


The Muci (Pussycat) trail also runs between the upper and the lower station of the cabin car. In most part it's a flowy singletrack, interrupted from time to time by a logging road or dirt road. It has been named the best trail riders have ever ridden, but for that you have to try it our by yourself.


The Jezerca trail connects the top part of the bike park to the bottom part of it and so, together with the Muci trail creates a descend of almost 1000 vertical meters and 10 kilometers of length - facts that make you breathe a bit heavier at the bottom cable car station waiting for your next descend.


Looking for the best views in our bike park? Look no further, Panorama trail is the trail to be. It is also a great warmup trial for everyone looking to shred the bottom part of our park for the rest of the day and a great trail to get to know yourself with mountain biking.


The Bambino trail is intended for all riders, be it kids or adults, that want to develop their mountain bike skills and get used to common features or obstacles on a bike park trail. Everything from berms, jumps, rollers to wooden bridges. A really great trail to start your bike park experience.

Skills Park

Our Skills Park is fully equipped with great wooden and rock features to offer everyone a good workout and a chance to work on the basics of mountain biking. Waves, jumps, ladders, smaller rock and wood gardens are a challenge for kids and adults. 




* in case of good weather conditions Bike park will operate until 24th November 2019 but only during weekends.

** For more information please visit Gravity card


  • Visitors with bicycles must buy a ticket for the Bike Park in order to use the cable car.

  • Ticket for the Bike Park does not include the rental of bikes.

  • Visitors with bikes are not entitled to purchase a ticket for the cable car.

  • Tickets for Bike Park Krvavec are valid on the day of purchase or the first use within the time of purchase. They allow an unlimited number of rides on the cable car, and during operation time  unlimited number of rides with the 4-chair Tiha dolina and the use of Bike Park Krvavec. Transport of bicycle is included.

  • Seasonal Bike park with a photo is issued on a name of the owner and it is not transferable. 

  • The use of  Bike Park Krvavec is associated with risk and the participants use it at their own responsibility. When purchasing tickets for Bike Park Krvavec each participant must fill a declaration form in which he/she states to have been familiarised with the terms of use and confirm it with a signature. 

All prices are in EUR and include 9,5% VAT.



Bike park Krvavec has 6 marked mountain bike trails with the biggest elevation drop among bike parks in Slovenia. It offers rides for all tastes and levels of biking experience with our awesome trails: Rock‘n‘flow, Muci, Bambino, Panorama and from 2018 onward the Jezerca trail that connects the top of the bike park to the Muci trail. Together they form an almost 10 km long and 1000 vertical meter high trail all the way down to the bottom cable car station of the bike park. Riding Bike park Krvavec will definitely make your day a perfect biking experience.

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